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CA Directory as IBM WebSphere (WAS) Federated Repository

  • 1.  CA Directory as IBM WebSphere (WAS) Federated Repository

    Posted Apr 07, 2016 08:59 PM

    Hello All,


    I have document a process to leverage CA Directory as a WebSphere userstore.

    CA Directory can use the OOTB per-defined template of "Domino"; as this predefined template is open for any LDAPv3 type directory.


    However, I wished to capture and refine the templates to use the "Custom" feature that IBM WebSphere provides.


    The process was built using WebSphere command line tools and the support Jython language.


    I am enclosing a PDF that outlines the process & methodology; the Jython script, and examples of "Domino" versus "Custom" configuration files of IBM WebSphere.




    Addition steps to be performed after creation:   


    1) Enable SSL   2) Move from XOR to AES with Seed File (Defense-in-depth) for bind passwords  3) Review if Certificate Authentication may be used for bind.