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SPS behing a Load Balancer

  • 1.  SPS behing a Load Balancer

    Posted Dec 15, 2015 10:14 AM

    I am new to SPS and  trying to build SPS behing a Load Balancer VIP.  What i want to achieve is expose a LB VIP mapped to DNS like which would send request to 2 SPS configured behind it which is listening on non default port for SSL , example 8443.

    Now the problem is when i change the SPS configuration to use the DNS name and then try to access it gives me an error stating virtual host not defined. I cannot access as i dont want that Port to be exposed on front end of VIP , I am currently doing all this at the default virtual host.


    Is it possible to configure SPS in such a way on default virtual host where the LB VIP is listening on 443 and it forwards the request to SPS on 8443 and end user accesses the URL with LB ports ?