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  • 1.  same SPS agent for more apps

    Posted Nov 11, 2014 03:26 AM

    hi All,


    i have 1 SPS and would like to secure more application. how can i do it? should i install more agents on the same SPS host?


    as when i use the same agent, i get an error message that "Error:     [General]     Agent and Resource combination must be unique".


    but i need to secure the whole site ( and, so the resource is the same for both (= as i need to secure the whole site and dont specify any resoucre after the slash what is after the domainname) ).


    thank you,


  • 2.  Re: same SPS agent for more apps
    Best Answer

    Posted Nov 11, 2014 12:01 PM



    One SPS should suffice to secure more applications. SPS acts like a Gateway unlike the WebAgent. WebAgent is deployed on the Application WebServer, however SPS sits like a gateway in front of the Application component. You could have multiple SPS instances running on one single server. However it is all about architecturally what is needed to be achieved and how secure / tighter the integration needs to be derives the solution.


    Getting back to basics, One SPS should suffice. It all depends on how the SPS in combination with ProxyRules and Virtual Hosts are configured.


    Take a look at this thread and suggest if it helps.


    Secure Proxy Server 12.52 - Virtual Host Configurations


    You should have Virtual Hosts defined for and You could further improvise by having own WebAgent.conf for Virtual Host and Using own WebAgent / Virtual Hosts provides you the flexibilty of defining different ACO objects, which could then mapped to different Agent Object and therefore realm definition would remain unique.


    Let know if these pointers assist you in moving forward.