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CA UIM Connector v3.7.0 - GA Announcement

  • 1.  CA UIM Connector v3.7.0 - GA Announcement

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 30, 2016 09:13 AM

    On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with innovative software and services.  As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated versions of our products which include Service Operations Insight integration updates.  To ensure our user community is continually aware of any new and updated connectors, we'll be announcing them here in this forum.



    Today, we are pleased to announce that a new version of CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) Connector for CA Service Operations Insight (CA SOI) have been updated and is now available from the CA Service Operations Insight Connectors page.



    Details of the new CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) Connector 3.7.0:


    • Option to define alert updates frequency from MDR introduced:
      When there is an update, such as change in severity, closure of alert, or change in person who is assigned, to an alert frequently in metadata repository [MDR] and also passed to CA SOI frequently, the system performance gets affected. You can now define the alert update interval in which the alerts are to be updated in CA SOI. So, when an alert is updated, the updates are processed immediately but updates are passed in specific interval to CA SOI.


    • CA UIM Connector 3.7.0 supports database CIs from SQLServer probe:
      Using CA UIM Connector 3.7.0 you can monitor database CIs and view alarms/CIs that are generated by the UIM SQLServer probe.


    • CA UIM Connector 3.7.0 supports for Oracle Database 12c.
      Connector supports Oracle Database 12c. To connect to Oracle Database 12c, type the Oracle service name as CA UIM database name during install or upgrade of the connector.


    The Release Note and documentation are available from the Wiki based product documentation.


    If you require assistance, please contact CA Customer Care online at you can submit an online request using the Customer Care web form: You can also call CA Customer Care at +1-800-225-5224 in North America or see for the local number in your country.


    Best regards,


    François Cattoen