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  • 1.  Connector Control Options Explained

    Posted Jun 29, 2014 01:29 AM

    I found a few of what these mean but I have the Nimsoft Connector and need to understand what two of it's Connector Controls options mean:


    Specifies whether to use DNS resolution to resolve device names. If a

    reliable DNS mechanism is not in place (for example, no DNS server on the

    network, or CIs not defined to the DNS), disable DNS lookups to prevent CI

    resolution and normalization failure.

    Default: 1


    getAlertsAtStartUp << Anyone know what this controls?

    (no description)



    Specifies whether to rediscover CIs every time the connector starts. You

    typically enable this control so that your connector always provides a

    current record of all CIs from their domain managers. Turn this control off

    if the connector does not support collecting CIs at startup, which applies

    for Level 1 and 2 integration.

    Default: 1



    Specifies whether to rediscover relationships every time the connector

    starts. You typically disable this control so that relationships are only

    obtained and imported as a part of service model imports. You should only

    enable this control if you require relationship CIs outside of imported

    service models.

    Default: 0


    Specifies whether to allow the connector framework to access the

    connector remotely for create, update, and delete operations on the

    source domain manager. Only enable this control if you have coded the

    create(), update(), and delete() (see page 143) methods for inbound to

    connector operations.

    Default: 1




    Specifies whether to process and publish deltas on CIs between the time

    the connector or SA Manager was last stopped or restarted. When

    enabled, this setting also performs delta processing on relationships if the

    getRelationshipsAtStartup property is enabled.

    Default: 1



    Specifies whether to filter alerts based on their existence in a managed

    service in CA SOI. If the control is turned on, the connector only sends

    domain manager alerts that are associated with a CI that is part of an

    existing managed service in CA SOI. If the control is turned off, the

    connector forwards all alerts from the domain manager, regardless of

    whether they relate to a service.

    Default: 1


    useEnumeratedGet << Anyone know what this controls?


    useEventStore << Anyone know what this controls?



    Specifies whether to send all relationships to CA SOI or only the ones

    associated with modeled services. Set the control to true to run

    relationships through a service filter and receive only the relationships

    associated with modeled services.

    Default: 1

  • 2.  Re: Connector Control Options Explained

    Posted Jul 02, 2014 06:44 AM

    This doesn't address your question, but could you tell me about your Nimsoft connector? Is this new? It hasn't been listed on the Connectors page here:


    Kind Regards, Pete.

  • 3.  Re: Connector Control Options Explained

    Posted Jul 02, 2014 08:34 AM

    Hi Pete,

    there is no Nimsoft Connector on the Connector Download page, because so far there is no productised version of such a Connector.

    Until such a Connector is available, there are two ways to connect Nimsoft to SOI:

    There is a Nimsoft Connector that was developed by CA Global Delivery.  It requires a special license (Product and Support) to be obtained from Global Delivery in order to be used.  The above question is related to this connector.

    There is a package based on the SNMP Connector that CA SWAT has developed.  This can be installed as part of a Services Engagement, but it has the status of a Field Developed Utility, e.g. there is no official CA Support for this package.

    If you need more information, you can contact me directly.