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  • 1.  Override severity value in snmp policy

    Posted Dec 18, 2014 09:35 PM



    I have a domain manager which is Solarwind. It has several types of event, one of them is Node Down event. It only has two types of severity, Normal and Down, while the others only have Normal and Critical. The problem is, SNMP connector doesn't receive the specific field or OID of severity, so I map them from the message. If it normal severity, it will contains "is Up." at the end of message, and if it Critical or Down, it will contains "is Down." (example attached).

    So can we override the severity value in sub class Node Down in snmp policy file? If it receive "is Down" which map as "critical", we change it to "down". Or maybe there are other ways to solve this?






  • 2.  Re: Override severity value in snmp policy
    Best Answer

    Posted Dec 19, 2014 03:10 AM

    Hi Yan,


    yes, you can add another <Normalize> section in the sub-class 'SolarWinds_Node_Events' to set the Severity.

    It will overwrite the section in the parent-class 'SolarWinds_Events'.

    Just be aware that SOI does not know the Severity "Down" - you have to use "Fatal".