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SOI TIP: How to Re-enable a Removed connector.

  • 1.  SOI TIP: How to Re-enable a Removed connector.

    Posted Jan 27, 2015 04:20 PM

    Hello, I was cleaning up my SOI Lab environment and on my connectors I did a remove. I then did a rebuild of the SOI db and now when I go to re-start my connectors they are not registering with my SOI environment.

    I had a Spectrum Connector and the GA UIM Connector. What files can help me to re-enable them so when I start services they actually connect to the SOI Manager?


    EDITED: Found them:

    Spectrum Connector:

    I figured out for the Spectrum Connector its D:\CA\SOI\resources\Configurations\spectrumim_SOI-CNCTR01_SpecLandscape1.xml and then change the State="ENABLED"


    But I have 2 instances of the Spectrum connecotr and could not find the file to enable the 2nd instance. Does anyone know where would the 2nd instance file be located?


    UIM Catalyst Connector:



    Change <ns2:property name="SOIState" value="Removed"/>  CHANGE TO: <ns2:property name="SOIState" value="Enabled"/>


    Just FYI...