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Potential SOI Console Launch Problem - Java Certificate Expires

  • 1.  Potential SOI Console Launch Problem - Java Certificate Expires

    Posted Feb 27, 2015 09:17 AM
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    The Java JRE certificate which is used to secure the CA Service Operations Insight Console will expire March 1st, 2015. 


    After the expiration, the symptom is that the SOI console will not launch for any user whose security setting on the console client machine only is set to HIGH or VERY HIGH in the Java Control Panel. 


    Changing this security to MEDIUM will allow the console to launch upon acknowledging the warning. For those customers who cannot adjust the security settings on only the console client machine, a patch for SOI which is available from CA Support can be applied to correct this.


    This could impact any customer who is currently running any of the supported versions of SOI, i.e.  SOI 3.1 SP1, SOI 3.2 (any CU) and SOI 3.3 as well.  A patch is available for every supported version of SOI.


    The details are outlined in the Product Advisory attached.


    We apologize for the problem and our CA Support teams are ready / available to assist you in any way.


    Thank you,