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SOI Tech Tips: SOI 3.2 EEM Failover support

  • 1.  SOI Tech Tips: SOI 3.2 EEM Failover support

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 01, 2014 04:05 PM

    SOI 3.2 out of the box will support EEM Failover.

    use the Administration page on the SOI User Interface to set
    the "EEM Server Host" to a comma-separated list of servers:

    <primary EEM server>,<secondary EEM server>

    on the EEM Configuration page under
    "CA Service Operations Insight Manager Configuration"
    as well as under
    "CA Service Operations Insight UI Server Configuration".

    Save the changes, then restart both the SSA Manager and UI

    Note: After this change, the "Launch EEM" button on this page
    will go to an invalid web address that contains the string
    pair. Please remove the non-active name and comma to get
    the correct URL in the browser window opened by the launcher.
    The "Test" button should work.