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  • 1.  NX file not sync with other applications

    Posted Mar 30, 2020 03:38 PM
    Dear Experts

    We are facing issue with 2 application servers which are residing in different domain. We are running sdm17.2 AA mode having 3 Domains

    DOMAIN 1
    DOMAIN 2
    DOMAIN 3

    We have One Background ,One Standby , One Application (APP1) server ,1 EEM server and Cluster Database in Domain 1

    One application Server (APP2) is in Domain 2

    One application Sever  (APP3) is in Domain 3

    Now we are having issue with APP2 & APP3 application servers. Login is authenticated with EEM and we are not able to login form these 2 applications. We have to make access type Open Access to login from these application server.

    We noticed that NX file of these 2 applications server is not not sync as we have app1 or Bg and the eem parameters are not showing installed in nxfile whereas it is actually installed and atuhenticted and we can login from APp1 with password. but from APP2 & APP3 application we have make it open access to login without password.

    We uninstalled the services from option manager -> security and recycle the services of all appplciation but APP2 & APP3 nx file doesnot take effect. whereas  App1 bg and standby nx file got updated. Then we again installed EEM services and recycle the services the nxfile not update for app2 and app3 but for app1 and bg it is working fine with eem authenitcation

    we also noticed that when we change access type to Open Access, app2 app3 still doesnot login until i recycle the services.

    Then we ran pdm_option_mgr command on app2 and app3 server which updated nxfile with all the missing parameters but still the application doesnot able to log in

    We also confirmed from Firewall team that ports are opened bidirectional between Domain 1 & 2 and 1 & 3

    We also noticed that when we login from app2 or app3 application with open access, when we edit  any access type it shows OS AUthentication in drpdown list despite of it shows EEM Authentication. (From BG or APP1 it shows EEM authenitcation).

    How can we resolve this issue?

    We recently reconfigured app2 & app3 application with database cluster name  FQDN i,e but still the issue is same. earlier it was configured with db cluster IP.

    Please can anybody advise whats the issue here.


  • 2.  RE: NX file not sync with other applications
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 07, 2020 06:51 AM
    Hi Asim,

    Make the changes in the NX.env for the EEM variables are also present in the NX.env_NT.tpl file, then restart the services.

    Any option that makes changes to the NX.env, always require the services to be recycled. This cannot be bypassed, unfortunately.

    Kind Regards,