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    Posted Feb 12, 2019 02:56 PM
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    I need a little bit of help on Survey's and their results within Service Desk Manager ... mine were setup way before my time and I'm not sure exactly how or where everything is set. I have a manager asking me if there is a way to re-allocate a survey result to someone other than the ticket's assignee - the scenario he runs into is that sometimes the survey's results are about someone else that was part of the tickets process but not necessarily the assignee.


    • When I look at categories for Inc/Req/Prb I see some do reference a Survey from the Customer Survey List (see image of the survey we have created)
    • In looking at the Activity Notifications, I can NOT find where the above survey is being used or sent ... I checked the most popular ones like Close, Reopen, Escalate, Resolved but none have "Send Survey" as Yes


    Am I missing something else with the survey setup other than you:

    1. create a survey template
    2. attach/set to an activity notification

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    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 13, 2019 01:44 AM
    This is my understanding:
    It seems that you are on the right track, maybe just missing some minor points.
    Surveys are sent, when activity logs gets created, and the related activity type has its send_survey flag set.
    To find activity types which initiate the sending of a survey, go to the "Activity Notification List" and enter "cr_send_survey=1" in the "Additional Search Arguments". This will give you the list of activity types initiating a survey sending process for incidents/requests/problems.

    Of course, someone with appropriate rights can initiate so called "managed surveys". These surveys are not sent based on ticket activity, but just on the fly, because someone wants to do so.
    The survey to send is specified in the Activity Notifcation , but it can be overwritten by the survey of the the actual ticket category(Incident Area)
    For a cr ticket a survey will always be sent to the Affected User(customer), not the assignee. This is hardcoded and can not be changed.
    Similar rules are reflected for changes and issues.
    I hope that helps a bit.
    Best regards

  • 3.  Re: Survey Results

    Posted Feb 13, 2019 09:46 AM



    Thank you so much for this information, it helped me find out how and what we have setup:


    Surveys are only sent for related activity = closed

    We do not have any managed surveys setup

    The survey specified in the activity notification is being overwritten by the survey we have specified in our categories



    So my only question is, if a ticket has multiple assignee's how can I get the survey to have questions for each one so the customer (affected end user) can comment for a specific one or all of them and we can allocate the results to the specific assignee's when reviewing?



    thank you


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    Posted Feb 13, 2019 11:21 AM


    I think a survey is intended to be related to the overall service for a particular incident, not to a specific work of an individual assignee or ticket group.

    From an end user perspective, I don't care much  about the individual, but for the service I got.

    From a Service Management perspective , I might be interested how my service is satisfying the end user (my customer). Sure, I might be interested how people in my team perform. But, I can think of several different metrics which might be reportable somehow, but mostly will not truly reflect reality. This is a very complex question, and I think you will not find metrics which will work and are fair and true in all cases.


    Hope that helps somehow.




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    Posted Feb 14, 2019 07:15 AM



    Thanks for the explanation I appreciate it and will discuss further with the manager who asked me the question.