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  • 1.  Description window CA SDM

    Posted Aug 16, 2018 11:27 AM



    I am working with CA SDM 17.1, and I need to know if the descripcion window can remove o change the time.

    this windows, appears when I touch on a link in a ticket, for example Group.


    currently, the only option to remove windows, is to click on "cerrar vista previa" or press esc.




    Marco Velazquez.

  • 2.  Re: Description window CA SDM
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 16, 2018 01:17 PM

    Marco, it is the mouseover_preview_delay_time option under Web folder in Options Manager...for example, make it to

    5000 then it will delay 5 seconds and this is pretty much close to "disable" it. And if you do change this option, make sure you recycle SDM to see it. Thanks _Chi

  • 3.  Re: Description window CA SDM

    Posted Aug 16, 2018 02:38 PM

    Users can turn off the mouseover preview in View->Preferences. If you want to disable it for all users you can run an update on the USP_PREFERENCES table (not recommended).