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CA Service Catalog Width issue

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  • 1.  CA Service Catalog Width issue

    Posted 06-03-2018 11:22 PM

    How to modify the website width of Service Catalog 17.1 to 100% browser width?


    In CA Service Catalog previous version, like 12.6. The website width is 100% of the browser.

    But in 17.1, I found that the website content (e.g. the table#maincontenttable element in the body) is fixed to 1005 width.


    What's the standard way to configure/modify the width to 100%?





  • 2.  Re: CA Service Catalog Width issue
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-03-2018 11:34 PM

    Problem resolved.


    There is OOTB full screen themes available in filestore\themes\ folder.

    Go to business unit and modify the "available branding" theme to the full screen theme to solve this issue.