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  • 1.  CA SAM 4.3.1 new dashlets

    Posted Sep 12, 2018 08:27 AM

    Dashlets based on Autofilter – especially for compliance views is a handy enhancement, introduced in CA SAM 4.3.1.

    Combined with the fact that you can now have more than one Dashboard, it is a powerful tool for creating rich overviews for the work at hand.

    A license dashboard could look like that now:


    First you see that I created a new (empty) dashboard called "License Dashboard":

    …and I created 4 dashlets, based on three compliance tables (Microsoft – all products, Microsoft Windows Server by Cost Center, Adobe – all products) with three datasets.

    The most important fact is: You must have a dataset loaded for your compliance view, otherwise the button for creating a dashlet is greyed out.

    Here I used "Microsoft all" a dataset with all MS-products for the whole group:

    I started analysis and added "Product Family" as column, because I'd like seeing the distribution based on that value.

    Now it gets interesting:

    By pressing the autofilter button (marked yellow in screenshot above) on the product family column, you get following view:

    Notice the new "Create dashlet" button (again, marked yellow). If it is greyed out, you have no dataset loaded.

    As with the "old" autoview, you can select different values for aggregation. Please be aware that "Pie chart" is only available for a certain set of values. Especially not, when you can expect negative values, like "Sum of Balance".

    For some reason, the button is not available when you select "Bar chart". This is unfortunate, because the bars in "Table" are showing only absolute values. Meaning that e.g. 7 and -7 (negative) are pointing to the same direction, while in "Bar chart" the direction is displayed correctly:

    Here you can see what I mean: "Table"-view can be turned into a dashlet, but all its bars are growing one direction, while "Bar chart"-view displays bars in both (negative and positive) directions but cannot be used as dashlet.

    Anyway, those new dashlets are a significant enhancement and I'd appreciate comments and ideas on how you are leveraging this new functionality.