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  • 1.  17.1 MDB upgrade procedure

    Posted Sep 03, 2018 05:53 AM

    Hi Team,

    we have have an windows Server 2012,

    1. firstly we have installed the SDM 17.1 on the server,
    2. then we have uninstalled the SDM 17.1 and installed the SDM 12.9 on the same server, restored the mdb with 12.9 mdb (prod date)
    3. Upgraded the SDM 17.1 (application and mdb)


    however the web interface about section still showing 17.0 version, then I have tried to run the 17.1 update installation by defualt the following sections of the update showing as completed (Green mark).
    1. CA Service Deks Manager Binaries Updates:171
    2. MDB Update 17.
    3. Localization Update 17.
    4. Post installation steps 17.1


    I suspect the 17.1 updates are not completed as it shows, because the about section shows it is 17.0 level.

    how to fix this?


    is there any other way to update the mdb alone to 17.1?


  • 2.  Re: 17.1 MDB upgrade procedure
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 03, 2018 06:08 AM

    Hi Venkateshwalu,


    Looks like there are left overs entries within the registry that is providing this illusion of completed status. Have you tried the dbcleanup utility to clear the traces before the upgrade? If not, you might want to re-run the same process with a fresh machine with 12.9 upgrade.

  • 3.  Re: 17.1 MDB upgrade procedure

    Posted Sep 03, 2018 01:16 PM

    with the new installation setup with R17.1, I didn't find a way to just upgrade the MDB of both Service Catalog and SDM at once. 

    have to run the upgrade installer for SDM MDB once then service catalog MDB upgrade once, hence taking double the time?


    any best practices to upgrade the MDB of both sdm and Service Catalog schema from 12.9 to 17.1


    Thank you

  • 4.  Re: 17.1 MDB upgrade procedure

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 04, 2018 09:26 AM



    The unified installer (setup.exe) for 17.1 allows you to upgrade the MDB for all associated products at the same time, with no additional steps needed. Back in the 12.x days, it was necessary to run a separate MDB update command alongside the installation - this is no longer necessary. If your plan is to update your existing 12.9 data to the 17.1 schema, I would recommend the following steps:

    • On a fresh server and database (servers that have never had SDM or Catalog installed on them before), install SDM and Catalog 12.9. We'll call this your New environment for the sake of clarity.
    • Apply patches and customizations to mirror your current 12.9 Prod environment - you want the New system to match Prod as closely as possible.
    • Extract the configuration tables from the New environment, and save those for later* (see the note below).
    • Restore the Prod MDB onto the New environment.
    • Apply the configuration tables back onto the New environment, overwriting those that were supplied by the Prod MDB. Doing this lets you keep your server names for the New environment, and avoids issues of your non-Prod systems trying to communicate with Prod.
    • Using the 17.1 install media, run setup.exe, and choose to upgrade both SDM and Catalog.
    • During the install process, the MDB will be upgraded for all products.

    The big takeaway here is that there is no need to run a separate MDB upgrade anymore - the regular installation takes care of this step. The instructions above are just a general outline of what we'd recommend doing - more specific steps are available at the links below. The * above refers to a major pain point during the process, where it's necessary to script out both the schema and contents of your New environment's configuration tables before applying the Prod MDB over it; failing to do this can lead to your servers communicating with the Prod environment, failing to start, behaving erratically, or having invalid data in their configuration tables. Please carefully follow step 5 of the "Moving the CA MDB Database on Microsoft SQL Server" link, referring to the configuration tables in the "Unimpacted CA Service Management Configuration Tables" document to locate the correct tables.


    Please see the following docs:

    Use the Swing Box Method to Upgrade to CA SDM 17.1

    Moving the CA MDB Database on Microsoft SQL Server

    Unimpacted CA Service Management Configuration Tables

  • 5.  Re: 17.1 MDB upgrade procedure

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 04, 2018 09:26 AM



    Concerning your statement:  however the web interface about section still showing 17.0 version


    Can you send a screencap that shows this?  


    Can we also see your HIS file and the contents of your install directory?  (run "nxcd" from an admin command prompt, run "dir /s > listing.dat" and attach the listing.dat file.)


    You may have content that was not updated per the patch and reviewing the above will help us determine if 17.1 was in fact installed.


    Side:  the file that contains the version number is help_about.htmpl, located in 



    There would be a line that reads as:
    <span class="label">Release: </span><span class="data">17.1<br><br></span>

    Date stamp for the 17.1 version of the help_about.htmpl file is 05/14/2018  07:11 AM


    As for verifying the MDB update, please locate and attach the install_mdb.log.  This file should be located here:



  • 6.  Re: 17.1 MDB upgrade procedure

    Posted Sep 07, 2018 07:49 AM

    Thank you for your timely help.