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CA / Pink Webcast - The Great Debate:To ESM or to Just ITSM?

  • 1.  CA / Pink Webcast - The Great Debate:To ESM or to Just ITSM?

    Posted Nov 15, 2018 12:53 PM

    NEW: This will be an Interview Style Webcast and you can submit questions during the session. Don't miss it or watch the recording.

    Continuing with our webcast series on how ITSM shops can get more value from current investments...


    Don't miss out on our November 28th, 1pm EST webcast with George Spalding of Pink Elephant entitled "The Great Debate: To ESM or to Just ITSM?".  That is the question that this webcast will explore. Hint: we think you should consider both...Click here or below to attend (links can also be used to watch the recording after the 28th).


    Here are the details:


    The Great Debate: To ESM or to Just ITSM?

    For the past several years ITSM shops have been finding great business value using ITSM in non-IT use cases. Enterprise Service Management (ESM), whether just handling issues or requests for human resources, facilities, audio visual or other business functions or implemented at the core of mission-critical applications, uses an organization’s existing ITSM technology, processes and people to deliver value in non-IT domains with little or no additional cost. The business gets what it needs and IT gets more value from ITSM and a bigger seat at the corporate table (business alignment). Everyone wins!...Or do they?  Some industry experts contend that ESM is a distraction from core ITSM efforts and can impose risk in the form of locking too many applications into an ITSM tool. In contrast, others contend that as long as existing, proven core ITSM processes (incident, problem, change, request, fulfillment…) are the focus, it is not a distraction and even accelerates ITSM maturity and ROI. In this webcast, Pink Elephant EVP George Spalding and CA Technologies (a Broadcom company) present the evidence and share their conclusions to this great debate: “To ESM or to Just ITSM?”


    Hope you can attend!

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