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  • 1.  SDM 17, IIS 8.5 and "Error 404"

    Posted Aug 24, 2017 12:59 AM

    Hello Everyone,


    I was lucky enough to have someone (Edit: Thanks James!) provide me both the symptoms AND the solution for an issue with CA ITSM 17 and IIS 8.5 for http/s configuration.


       Getting "Error 404" after the Web Director tries to launch the web client.


    As stated below, no idea if this is a generic issue or not. It could be "just one of those things." But in case it isn't, I thought I'd jot down this update. 


    - - - - Issue extract



    SDM r17 on Windows 2012 / SQL 2016, IIS 8.5


    Working towards enforcing https login through IIS 8.5, as documented.


    • Configured the web director and additional web engine 'pdmweb2.exe'
    • Created a new virtual directory 'CAisdsec' pointing to a copy of 'wwwroot'.
    • Edited 'primary_web2.cfg' to launch 'CAisdsec\pdmweb2.exe'.
    • Successfully run pdm_configure.


    The virtual directory is not yet configured to require SSL - I want to get it working under http first.

    I have granted 'full control' on the new virtual directory to the IIS Default App Pool identity.



    The web director tries to launch 'CAisdsec\pdmweb2.exe' on alternate sessions, but http://hostname/CAisdsec/pdmweb2.exe' fails to launch with an "Error 404".


    • Static content in the virtual directory 'CAisdsec' (e.g. the 'web_test.html' that IIS adds in a new virtual directory) launches OK from a browser.
    • CGI is configured and enabled for the new virtual directory.



    After reading the IIS error message I looked at IIS 'ISAPI and CGI restrictions' registered for the server.


    • The '.exe's in wwwroot were all explicitly allowed, but no entries existed for '.exe's in 'wwwrootsec'.


    • Added an entry allowing 'wwwrootsec\pdmweb2.exe'.


    Now the director launches CAisdsec\pdmweb2.exe successfully without the '404'. 


    I don't know if this happened because of something I omitted to do in setting up the configuration (though I'm reasonably sure that I followed the doco to the letter), or whether perhaps this is an additional step that needs to be documented for IIS 8.


    - - - - End extract


    A big "Thanks!" for this information. 

    Let us know if you encounter any similar issues with IIS 8 and SDM/ITSM.



  • 2.  Re: SDM 17, IIS 8.5 and "Error 404"

    Posted Aug 24, 2017 01:14 AM

    Tech doc?

  • 3.  Re: SDM 17, IIS 8.5 and "Error 404"

    Posted Aug 24, 2017 11:45 PM

    If confirmed, maybe.


    I can't give it the attention to test it to a standard sufficient for a TEC now.