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  • 1.  Knowledge Document - Analysts

    Posted Feb 20, 2017 02:35 PM



    There's a way i can allow analysts to create new knowledge documents?





  • 2.  Re: Knowledge Document - Analysts
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 20, 2017 02:45 PM

    The system doesn't allow you to create new documents in the TOP directory.  You need to create a folder under TOP and then select that folder.  At that point you can use the File->Create new Document option.

  • 3.  Re: Knowledge Document - Analysts

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 20, 2017 02:51 PM

    You may also want to check if the given role that the associated user is tied to has any rights to edit existing documents or not.  Find out if the role has "Modify" set under Functional Access on "Knowledge Docs"

  • 4.  Re: Knowledge Document - Analysts

    Posted Feb 20, 2017 02:53 PM

    Hi Jason,


    I would have thought this would be enabled by default, but I'm getting the same behavior as yourself, despite the settings on the Knowledge Analyst role suggesting that users assigned to the role should be able to create new documents:




    Could this be a bug or we are missing something obvious?


    Kind Regards,


  • 5.  Re: Knowledge Document - Analysts

    Posted Feb 20, 2017 02:58 PM

    gbruneau - You are correct. It is locked for the Top category. Once you have other categories below the top one, you are now able to create documents directly.