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Tip: HTML message text missing from Notification History and NX_INSERT_NLH_MSG_HTML

  • 1.  Tip: HTML message text missing from Notification History and NX_INSERT_NLH_MSG_HTML

    Posted Sep 06, 2017 08:33 PM

    Hello Everyone,


    I came across an example of a variable which was published to a Service Management 14 patch note, but which is also applicable to Service Management 17. 


    By default it is set to "No", but you may wish to consider setting it to "Yes" if it looks applicable.


    Thanks again to James for letting us know.




    "Since upgrading to SDM r17, the HTML message text is no longer recorded in table not_log.


    Therefore the HTML content of messages is no longer visible in 'View / Notification History'.


    The email messages in the mail queue still appear to contain the HTML text." 



    Please see the Service Management 14 page for these details, until they are moved into the v17 documentation.

    The resolution is confirmed as applicable to v17.


    - - - - 

    Prob# USRD 2975


    The fix to this problem introduces an NX_INSERT_NLH_MSG_HTML variable that can be tweaked to avoid the problem. Set this variable to YES, then the html message body of the notification can be inserted into not_log table. If the Notification Message Body is removed from the Default initial message template for request/incident/problem Message Template, the html message will replace the message body of the notification.

    To install the option, run the following command from the command prompt on the primary server:

    pdm_options_mgr -c -s INSERT_NLH_MSG_HTML -v YES -a pdm_option.inst

    To avoid losing changes when you execute the pdm_configure command, run the command with the -t option as follows:

    pdm_options_mgr -c -s INSERT_NLH_MSG_HTML -v YES -a pdm_option.inst -t

    For each secondary CA SDM server that you configured manually, add or update the NX variable in each secondary CA SDM server in the NX.env file located in the NX_ROOT directory and restart the server.

    - - - - 


    Thanks, Kyle_R.