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  • 1.  Update automatically the cost_center table by ldap_import

    Posted Mar 09, 2018 05:41 AM

    Hello everybody,


    we are using ldap_import & ldap_sync functionalities to import or update user information's in Service Desk Manager 14.1 CP4. 

    Often, there are new cost centers which are defined and I have to manually update the cost_center table to ensure that the new cost center value is set by each impacted user.

    Is there a way to update automatically the cost_center table when a new cost center is discovered by ldap_import process?


    Thanks in advance for your answer.



  • 2.  Re: Update automatically the cost_center table by ldap_import
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    Posted Mar 09, 2018 09:17 AM

    Hi Christian,

    Unfortunately that is not possible as we do not have any type of automated mechanism to import Cost Center records.  The cost center records would have to be existing in SDM prior to importing the users that have those cost centers.   You may be able to automate some type of process outside of SDM that pulls a list of those records from LDAP and then does a pdm_load into SDM to update existing or create the new ones. (you would need to test this first to ensure you dont end up with duplicates).