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  • 1.  How to Create CMDB Tab or sub-tab

    Posted Aug 20, 2016 01:15 PM

    I have created several custom fields in my CMDB, these fields are currently visible in the detail_cmdb.htmpl form and I want to create a new tab or insert it into an existing tab for example in the tab of Additional Information


    I can guide me as I proceed


    currently I have version 14.1 cum # 2

  • 2.  Re: How to Create CMDB Tab or sub-tab

    Posted Aug 22, 2016 09:29 AM

    Hi Jonathan,

    It can be done, however, as it cannot be done using the design tab in WSP, its not super simple, and is outside the scope of support.  The reason it is complex is because the tab section of the form is built dynamically on the fly depending on the class and family of the CI.   For example, if you create a CI that is a server, which would have a class of "server" and family of "hardware.server", then the tab form is "detail_har_serx.htmpl" - which if you look at the code, simply includes the fields for the extension of "har_serx" - and does not allow it to be customized in design mode.  That is not to say it cannot be done, however, it would require quite a bit of custom work to be done manually.  There may be some folks out here on the community that have gotten this to work, and may be willing to share their info with you.


    Jon I.

  • 3.  Re: How to Create CMDB Tab or sub-tab

    Posted Aug 30, 2016 06:04 AM


    in extend to Jon answer my first question is to where did you created those custom attributes?

    on the nr object or in the extended table?


    if directly on the nr you can quickly create a new tab like any others and reference your attributes there.

    just create your htmpl form with factory to be nr using a tab template in wsp and refer to it using the pdm_tag in the cmdbNotebook.htmpl file

    something like: <PDM_MACRO NAME=TAB TITLE="Additional attibutes" FILE="nr_mytab.htmpl">


    if done on the extended table you can just display those attributes by adding them into the corresponding htmpl (nr_cmdb_<extension>_tab.htmpl) that correspond to this family but depending on the family this list can already be long.

    Then it come a little more tricky as mentioned by Jon but can also be done with some extra may you want to separate those.


    my 2 cents