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  • 1.  Remove windows of report tab

    Posted Aug 10, 2017 06:10 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I working with CA SDM 14.1 and CABI 4 integration, and I need see only one windows in the report tab of CA SDM.



    Exist one method for customizar this tab? which are the steps to see one windows ?



    Merco Velazquez.

  • 2.  Re: Remove windows of report tab

    Posted Aug 11, 2017 08:28 AM

    Hi Marco,

    Paul_Coccimiglio from my team had come up with a solution for this a while back.  It is NOT supported, however it was tested in-house and seemed to work.  I will provide you with the steps here, however, we HIGHLY recommend that you do this in a test system first, before attempting it in production.  Additionally, we would advise that you back up any files that you will be making changes to prior to implementing this. Please ensure any and all customized files are stored under the site\mods directory.  Lastly, as this is an out-of-scope customization, you are responsible for maintaining it through upgrades, patches etc. if required.  With that, here are the steps:


    1. Create a single frame form
    A. To open WSP, click Start -> Programs -> CA -> Service Desk Manager -> Web
    Screen Painter
    B. Log into WSP -> click File -> New
    C. Select multiframe.template and click New
    D. Right click the empty screen and click Insert Frameset
    E. By default, single frame is not supported, so just accept the default selections. It will be 2 frames by default
    F. On the bottom of the window, there are 2 tabs: Design and Source. The current
    tab should be Design. Click the Source tab to show the source code of the new htmpl form
    G. Near the bottom of the code you can find the code like the following:

    <PDM_MACRO NAME=startFrameset id="frameset01_cv4" cols="50%,50%"
    border=2 onload="frameset_loaded();">
    <PDM_MACRO NAME=frame id="Frame1_cv4" frame_name="Frame1_cv4"
    title="Frame1_cv4" style="border: 1px #8B939A solid;" marginheight=0
    <PDM_MACRO NAME=frame id="Frame2_cv4" frame_name="Frame2_cv4"
    title="Frame2_cv4" style="border: 1px #8B939A solid;" marginheight=0
    marginwidth=0 >
    <PDM_MACRO NAME=endFrameset>

    H. Make the following changes to the above code:

    i. Change 2 frames to 1 frame
    cols="50%,50%" -> cols="100%"
    ii. For the first frame, give a frame name, add a default report (the web form associated with particular report, you can specify the one you like, this
    example use overall_summary as default report)

    frame_name="Frame2_cv4" -> frame_name="SingleFrame"

    iii. Comment out the second frame by enclosing the 2nd frame code with <!-- and
    --> )

    The following is an example:

    <PDM_MACRO NAME=startFrameset id="frameset01_cv4" cols="100%" border=2
    <PDM_MACRO NAME=frame id="Frame1_cv4" frame_name="SingleFrame"
    web_form_name="overall_summary" style="border: 1px #8B939A solid;"
    marginheight=0 marginwidth=0>
    <!-- PDM_MACRO NAME=frame id="Frame2_cv4" frame_name="Frame2_cv4"
    title="Frame2_cv4" style="border: 1px #8B939A solid;" marginheight=0
    marginwidth=0 -->
    <PDM_MACRO NAME=endFrameset>

    I. Save as Singleframe_report.htmpl
    J. Publish the form changes

    2. Create two web forms to display the single frame report

    A. Login Service Desk, navigate to Administration tab, expand Security and
    Role Management\Role Management\Web Forms, click Create New button

    Detail of first web form:
    Web Form Name: SingleReport
    Description:Single frame for report


    Detail of second web form:

    Web Form Name:Single_Report_InforView
    Description:InfoView for single report


    3. Create new tab for single frame report

    A. Under Administration tab, Security and Role Management\Role Management
    and click Tabs, click Create New button

    Details of the new tab:
    Tab Name:SingleFrameReport
    Display Name:Single Frame Reports
    Starting Page:Single_Report_InforView
    Description:Single frame report

    4. Add the new report tab to a role (for example, Administrator role)

    A. Under Administration tab, expand Security and Role Management\Role
    Management and click Role List
    B. Select Administrator
    C. On the Administrator Role Detail screen, click the 3.Resources tab and
    then click the 1.Tabs sub tab.
    D. Click Update Tabs
    E. Click Search
    F. In the Tabs Available column, select SingleFrameReport and click the
    double right arrow ( >>) button to transfer the selection to the Tabs Assigned column. You can leave the old Reports tab, or remove it
    G. Click OK

    5. On the up-right side of the main web interface of Service Desk, you can set role for the current user, you can test the new report tab by set the role to Administrator (if the current role is Administrator, you need to set another role, and then set back to Administrator role)



    Hope this helps ,
    Jon I.