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  • 1.  Dowload      RO80218.CAZ

    Posted Jul 31, 2017 02:32 PM

    Hi community


    I have already installed sdm 14.1.0 but i want to install  cum 1,  but i dont found  R080218.CAZ , when i clicked  to dowload to this link 


    The  next message appears 



    Anyone knows how to dowload this patch ? for cum 2 and cum 3 its the same ?

  • 2.  Re: Dowload      RO80218.CAZ

    Posted Jul 31, 2017 04:49 PM

    Hi Christian, CP1 is no longer available now that CP4 has been released.  This is a new standard policy that was rolled out earlier this year.  We recommend that you apply CP4 at this time.


    Jon I.

  • 3.  Re: Dowload      RO80218.CAZ
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 31, 2017 04:58 PM



    I did some checking.  R080218 is not a valid patch number anywhere, which is due to the presence of the extra "0" in the patch number, following the "R" character, instead of an "O" (as in Oscar).  The patch you are looking for is RO80218 (compare to R080218)


    When patch RO80229 is installed, it will generate several language specific files, of which you would then install that specific language file.  In this case, the English patch to extract, generated from installing RO80229, is RO80218:  WIN-USRD-C 14.1.01 LANG-ENGLISH


    The patches you would be needing, and their download links, are:




    RO80229:  WIN-USRD-C 14.1.01 LANGUAGES PATCH


    Further, per Jon_Israel's previous post, we also recommend application and install of the latest cumulatives.  The CP1 patch is NOT a prerequisite for any later cumulative patches; one may install the latest cumulative patch on a GA release of 14.1 with no prior patches applied.

  • 4.  Re: Dowload      RO80218.CAZ

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 01, 2017 09:03 AM



    Do you have any further questions regarding CA SDM 14.1 cumulative patches?