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    Posted 10-07-2016 04:01 PM

    Hello Community,


    I've several categories in which there's no assignee and when a when ticket is created it only brings up to the ticket the gorup of the category.


    In this case Service Desk sends an email to each person in the group through their email but he also goes to the group email (For ex: and send a notification too so it adds a notification to the previous one they already received.


    There's a way i can say to Service Desk that only use one way of comunication?


    I was thinking in removing the email of the group in the group configuration but a doubt came to me.. if i do that it wouldn't affect a macro i have that notifies the 'group' contact object?



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    Best Answer

    Posted 10-07-2016 07:16 PM

    Hi Jason,


    If your group has an email address defined to it on the 'notification' tab, check to see if you also have the 'notify' boxes checked for all of the members of the group listed on the 'members' tab.  That would cause them to receive 2 notifications for tickets assigned to that group.



  • 3.  Re: Double Notifications

    Posted 10-10-2016 09:34 AM

    Thanks for the help Tammy!!

  • 4.  Re: Double Notifications

    Posted 10-07-2016 07:30 PM

    Tammy's suggestion will work. I do want to point out though it would be less effort to put a dummy email on the group email address. Your notifications to groups will still work, that's how we have it configured in our environment. 

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    Posted 10-07-2016 07:44 PM

    Ahh Ok, so he goes directly to the contact email?

  • 6.  Re: Double Notifications

    Posted 10-07-2016 07:47 PM

    Yeah, I updated all groups to have our service desk no reply email address when we upgraded to 14.1.02.

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    Posted 10-07-2016 09:13 PM

    Yes, the other way around will work as well.  We have teams that don't want everyone in their group to receive emails.  So they have an email address to a distribution group that I defined for the 'group'.  This way they can control who is, or is not in their own distribution group.