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  • 1.  Adding a Custom Status in CA Service Catalog

    Posted Oct 18, 2015 02:16 PM



    We have requirement to assign a Service Request to multiple teams sequentially for fulfillment which is not available out-of-box. I created a new status "Partially Fulfilled" and required rules and actions for that. It is working in case of assigning it to multiple teams but when the last moves it to this status it should move to fulfilled/completed automatically but instead it gets assigned to the first team to which the request was assigned for Fulfillment in Configured status and I am not even using that status.


    I am currently on 12.9 CP1.


    Can anyone help on this one.




  • 2.  Re: Adding a Custom Status in CA Service Catalog

    Posted Oct 30, 2015 02:44 PM

    Perhaps there's a rule with a condition that matches your ticket status. You should take a look at every rules.


    I don't know how many service you have in catalog, and if there's a lot of rules but you can use the "code" attribute of a service option in your event filter to avoid this kind of weird behavior where rules trigger when you don't want them to.


    Service offering -> select your service -> definition -> click on the pencil relative to your option -> click on the pencil next to the name attribute -> Options -> Code.


    You can use this code attribute to create event filter on your rules, something like ; rate_item_col = 0 AND status = 1214 AND status_old <> 1214 AND code LIKE 'W______O_D'



    If you are already using this, and can't find a rule that matches what you are experiencing, i do not know what to say except open a ticket!