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Enable CORS SDM Webservice

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  • 1.  Enable CORS SDM Webservice

    Posted 07-21-2016 03:28 PM

    Hi team,

    does anyone know where I can enable CORS?

    I want to add the property allow-control-allow-origin



  • 2.  Re: Enable CORS SDM Webservice
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    Posted 07-21-2016 03:52 PM

    Hi Ian,

    For Service Desk 14.1 - in the post steps for CP3, it has a section on adding filter and filltermapping entries for CORS specifically in the web.xml files for tomcat.  Not sure if that is what you are referring to, but if so, you can find that here under the Mandatory Steps section:

    Hope this helps,

    Jon I.

  • 3.  Re: Enable CORS SDM Webservice

    Posted 11-07-2018 02:05 PM

    Hi ianprogrammer , , I'm having some problems calling a WS from a button of SDM using a JS function...could you solve your issue about CORS?


  • 4.  Re: Enable CORS SDM Webservice

    Posted 01-14-2019 01:17 PM

    Ana, I was having this problem when i was trying to calling a ws method on client side, so i created my own api using the servicedesk api.

  • 5.  RE: Re: Enable CORS SDM Webservice

    Posted 06-02-2020 11:50 AM

    Hi ianprogrammer, I am having the same issue. I am trying to call a WS using a JS function and facing the CORS issue. Could you let me know how did you solve the problem.