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  • 1.  Multiselect with fdDoFieldLookup

    Posted Sep 21, 2015 02:21 AM

    Dear All,


    Please let us know if there is a way to make multiple row selection through fdDoFieldLookup or with some other similar function.


    We are aware of 'Select' operator, using which we can select multiple rows, however we need similar functioning as look up field does.


    I tried browsing the Admin guide of 12.7 Catalog, however no luck. Please let us know the feasibility.


    Thank You,


  • 2.  Re: Multiselect with fdDoFieldLookup
    Best Answer

    Posted Sep 21, 2015 11:34 AM

    Hi Saranya!


    My understanding is you can only select one row from the popup window invoked via fdDoFieldLookup.


    As a workaround I could suggest capturing the user input via a text field and pass the same as input to a multiple select field via the 'Report/Plugin-in Variables' parameter.You can also include a label as a search button which calls ca_fdFetchSelectData to refresh the multiple select field with the user input.