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Fixing appearing in Scoreboards & Workflow Tasks after ITSM 14.1 C1.

  • 1.  Fixing appearing in Scoreboards & Workflow Tasks after ITSM 14.1 C1.

    Posted Sep 28, 2015 02:07 AM

    Hello Everyone,


    If you see the tag <PDM_I18N> appearing in Scoreboard, Workflow Tasks or other locations after applying ITSM 14.1 patches, then it is likely that a Post Installation Step has been missed or misconstrued.


    I'll clarify it here.





    The ITSM 14.1 C1 English Language Patch RO80218 includes two data load files santafe_update.dat and santafe_insert.dat.


    The key Post Installation Step that is you MUST use the .DAT files from the \data directory and NOT anywhere else:


    - - - - - -

    3. Follow the steps below:


    a) Navigate to the \data folder on command prompt load data

        from santafe insert and update file by running the below said commands


      pdm_load -f santafe_insert.dat

      pdm_load -f santafe_update.dat

    - - - - - -


    The way it works is that the .dat files are provided with the patch, and then they are rebuilt - with the same name - depending on the language pack you have in place.


    You need to use the "rebuilt" santafe*.dat files and NOT the original santefe*.dat files.


    If necessary, you can tell which is one by editing the .dat files - the right ones do not have "<PDM_I18N>" in them, while the wrong ones do.


    It doesn't help that there are several files with this name, after you put the patches on. Nor that they are in similar directories.

    Technical patch notes - technically correct, but require strict reading.


    I hope the above helps if you run into this issue.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.