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CASD-NIM auto-ticketing broken

  • 1.  CASD-NIM auto-ticketing broken

    Posted Sep 17, 2015 04:14 PM

    Hello All,


    I have an issue scenario where NIMSOFT integrated with CASD through trap consoles and ticket made through pdm_text_cmd,suddenly auto-ticketing have stopped working.


    After the split, the issue seems to be started happening but when checked  the port commn looks fine as well as tracert is fine.We dn't know what or where the issue persists.


    I would like to know what are all the checks that needs to be performed at the CASD to make sure that CMD utility is working fine as well as need to check whether NIM trap consle is sending inputs to the CASD CMD utility.


    Please explain how the ticketing will be performed through trap console , where the pdm_text_cmd input will be supplied in CASD as well as from where to where NIMSOFT trap input files will be sent or trap itself will store the data in NIM application server.


    Please suggest resolution.