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  • 1.  SDM, 12.7 - Change Calendar years

    Posted Oct 29, 2015 01:55 PM

    On the change calendar month/year navigation menus, our system is only showing the years 2003 through 2017.  I've been searching the manuals to find instructions for how to extend those years out farther, but could not find anything.  How can I add additional years to the menus?




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  • 2.  Re: SDM, 12.7 - Change Calendar years
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    Posted Oct 29, 2015 03:38 PM

    What you are seeing in the drop down is based on the context of the month/date that you are looking at. When we put the design together, we wanted to allow folks easy access to a range of information that they were most likely to need, The Year list box will dynamically adjust based on the currently selected date and provide one-click into: 2 years prior, current year and the next two years. If you selected a month in 2017 the next time you access the list box it would show 2015-2019.


    The two years before and after was a bit of an arbitrary selection, but it seemed like a good balance to keep the list box compact.


    Do you frequently find that you need to look beyond 2 years out, or was this just a casual observation?


  • 3.  Re: SDM, 12.7 - Change Calendar years

    Posted Oct 29, 2015 04:15 PM

    Thanks, Dale --- I see that now!   We are just starting to use the calendar, even though we are not yet fully implementing change management.  Management wants any future outages and upgrades on a calendar, so we will be utilizing it only for that purpose right now.  But they want the teams to schedule things as far in advance as possible, so I was just trying to prepare myself for needing to allow for something past 2017.