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  • 1.  New search filter field

    Posted Aug 26, 2014 10:06 PM

    Hi all

    Can I please obtain assistance with setting up a new Search filter field.

    Within our Service Desk Manager CMDB we have created 2 extension tables that we use to hold CIs. Both extension tables contain a column named function_description which contain a string value.
    How can I create a custom Filter category which will allow me to search the values and display the CI results just like the other search filters that are there by default.
    I've tried setting up a field on the "list_nr.htmpl" form in the Web Screen Painter and linking it to a column called function_description in the "nr(configuration)" table which I created which appears to be the way the existing filters are configured, however when I do a search it isn't giving me any results so I don't think I have set it up properly.

    Any help would be appreciated



  • 2.  Re: New search filter field
    Best Answer

    Posted Aug 27, 2014 04:25 AM

    Hi Brady.


    This is a tricky one, even though it sounds simple.

    • As you know, each record in an extension table is specific to a single nr record.
    • Each nr record can have exactly one extension record of a specific extension table.
    • A seach field in the nr_list form is related to a single attribute of the nr factory.
    • Event though your attribute name "function_description" is the same in both extension tables, a search field can only address one of them.
    • The search field attribute name for your "zphysical_server" extension table would be "assoc_zphysical_server.function_description", while the attribute name for your "zvirtual_server" table would be "assoc_zvirtual_server.function_description" (assumed you have created the appropriate BREL attributes in the nr factory).
    • You may create two seach fields, one for physical and one for virtual servers.
    • A combination of these two search field into one would mean, the system would have to create an "or" where clause, which is not support out of the box.


    At least this may help you to be able to search for your function_description separately. Creating a combination search field is not impossible, but would need some tricky programming and javascript changes.


    Hope that helps a bit.

    Kind regards


  • 3.  Re: New search filter field

    Posted Sep 01, 2014 09:05 PM

    Hi Michael


    Thanks very much for the info.

    I'll set it up with 2 search fields although its not really desirable but we can put up with it