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  • 1.  Silent/Unattended Installation

    Posted Feb 16, 2015 05:13 PM

    Can CA Service Management be configured to silently/unattended install the base application?


    If not, are there plans to allow the installation process to be unattended?





  • 2.  Re: Silent/Unattended Installation

    Posted Feb 19, 2015 04:43 AM

    Hi Brian,


    I dont think there is no silently/unattended install option for the SDM product. It needs user interaction during the installation and configuration. If anyone is aware of doing silently/unattended install of SDM pls reply to this thread.




  • 3.  Re: Silent/Unattended Installation

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 19, 2015 01:35 PM

    Hi Brian,


    With CA SM 14.1, it is recommended to install run the main CA SM Installer even to install individual products with in CA SM.   The CA SM Installer itself, runs individual product installers/configurations in Silent mode, and that's how we achieve the integrations automatically.


    Having said that, I do not think there is a silent option to do the main CA SM install itself, if that's what you're looking for.