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Single Approval process for entire cart?

  • 1.  Single Approval process for entire cart?

    Posted Jun 05, 2014 11:54 AM

    I have a requirement for this particular customer that whatever combination of offerings (those which are not flagged as one-click submit) are added to a cart and submitted as a single request, should only trigger a single approval process (the total levels of approval will be calculated based on the highest of the combination of offerings)

    I'm not so worried about the PAM side (have already implemented 2 fairly complex custom approval processes for a couple one off project type offerings), the issue seems ot be getting a process triggered from the request level vs the offering level.  Using a typical 'Request Subscription/Item Change' event action, I end up with one copy of the approval running for each offering in the request

    If I do a similar condition on the 'Request Change' event rule (say, status < 400 AND status >= 200 AND status_old < 200 AND status_old >= 100) I get no process triggered at all, even though the audit log on the request clearly shows an old status of 100 and new status of 200 for the OBJECT_CHANGED event type and CAT_REQ_CHANGE object type


    Has anyone run into a simlar problem and/or had success with a PAM based single approval per request vs per offering?