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    Posted Jun 23, 2014 08:36 AM



    I am new to CA Configuration Automation and learning the various capabilities of the tool. Though there are a set of docs available as bookshelf, may I know if there is any best practices doc available?


    Thanks in advance!

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 24, 2014 03:04 AM



    If you mean scalability, there is a green book for CCA. It is for CCA 12.5, but useful document.



    I hope the info helps you.



  • 3.  Re: CCA Best Practices

    Posted Jun 24, 2014 08:08 AM

    Thank you Yas! Looks like I am not authorized to access that page. My requirement is to use a Blue print via Management profile and remediate a file on a Linux system whose user/group and permissions are not compliant. In my test I have added Compliance Blueprint group using Catogories subtab and ran the profile. However could not see it finding a non-compliant file and remediating it. Actually I see that there are many ways to perform each task in CCA and hence I was looking for a Best practices guide from implementing Compliance point of view.


    Thanks again!