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CA APM - New Infrastructure Agent F5 extension Metric Gaps

  • 1.  CA APM - New Infrastructure Agent F5 extension Metric Gaps

    Posted Feb 14, 2019 12:05 PM

    Hello guys.

    I recently set up the new Infrastructure Agent to monitor the F5. It worked very well but I noticed that the graphs in the investigator have a value and at the next datapoint the value is 0. Until the next polling interval the correct value is shown again and the next introscope sampling returns to 0. Giving the graph an all serrated aspect . I have already tried to adjust the polling interval to 15 seconds which would be the sampling time of the Introscope, but without success. In the figure is the example. Even more curious is that SystemEdge monitoring metrics that monitor the local host are also enabled and consistently bring the metrics.
    Recalling that this failure is being presented in F5 metrics using the F5 extension (f5ltmExtension).
    Has anyone ever been in this situation? Any tip is of extreme help.



    Gaps (not continuous metrics) using F5 extention

    No Gaps (continuous metrics). Same agent, same configuration, but folder of SystemEdge.

    Thank you guys!


    Alex Cunha