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  • 1.  Apache HTTP server (with openAM) monitoring

    Posted Apr 01, 2019 09:17 AM

    hi, an apache http server is interconnected/protected by openAM for authentication. is there any way to monitor it with InfraAgent for webserver monitoring ( = if so, how to configure it?). thanks

  • 2.  Re: Apache HTTP server (with openAM) monitoring

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 01, 2019 10:16 AM

    Dear Community:

    Can you help Stefan with your experience and suggestions?


    Hal German

  • 3.  Re: Apache HTTP server (with openAM) monitoring
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 02, 2019 08:30 AM

    Dear Stefan:

        Normally, I would say open a case. But this sounds more of a combination of configuration and integration. (Which typically would convert into a discussion). 


    More on openAM --OpenAM - Wikipedia 


    So APM can already monitor Apache HTTP Server. What is it not monitoring with OpenAM? 

    If you have access to the internal APM forums, I would ask your question there. 

  • 4.  RE: Apache HTTP server (with openAM) monitoring

    Posted Jun 07, 2019 03:15 PM
    So yes, the infrastructure agent would be running outside of the Apache context and you would need to create some scripts that could pull metrics from the Apache context.

    But you could also inject an agent directly into Apache so that the agent is within the Apache Java context and as such could work with the java classloader to instrument the various classes and publish the metrics over to the APM.

    We have installed a Tomcat agent within context of our openAM and yes, it is noisy with every one of the 401, 403 etc exceptions being traced.

    If you can get the tomcat agent, there is a wealth of metrics that could help you figure out if the openAM resources are having issues handling the load being sent and which metric might help tune and improve your openAM system.

    Hope this helps,