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Weekly Participation Reminder: Wanted Personal/Community Enrichment

  • 1.  Weekly Participation Reminder: Wanted Personal/Community Enrichment

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 25, 2017 12:10 PM

    Thank you!

    I like starting each week by thanking everyone that contributes to this community in both big and small ways. Hopefully you are seeing at a personal and community level how this important "APM Neighborhood" is being enriched with each other's involvement. It is a good feeling for me to come in each day and watch this community have a more energized and engaged customer base while continuing to grow even more.


    Looking to help/contribute?

    Then please provide and share your APM:
    - Technical Questions
    - Responses to other Admin/Customer Questions. I note these opportunities when new questions arise. 
    - Case Results (Whether or not sharing a technical question)
    - Enhancement Requests
    - Technical Documents
    - Deployment and Monitoring Experiences


    What is Needed for a Rich Community?

    However, the foundations of a enriched APM Community is interaction and engagement. And more  importantly, doing so consistently on a daily or weekly manner if we can.. We all want our questions answered and have needed discussions to take place.

    But it is hard to do this if our fellow admins are not taking an active part in these conversations!!!


    Your Opportunity
    Each day we have an opportunity to improve ourselves, our monitoring environments, and to help each other. Please consider beginning or continuing to log in often and participate in this community. Putting a smile on someone else's face or hearing the words, "that was helpful, thank you" is an unparalleled source of personal satisfaction.