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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 31, 2018 10:07 AM

    Hello CA APM Community. I work for CA in Services and Education marketing and I wanted to share a new education offering we have available that will be of interest to CA APM customers.

    If you are looking for flexible and continuous learning options for CA Application Performance Management training, CA Education is now offering Learning Subscriptions which provide access to an extensive library of videos, e-learning courses, dynamic labs and more so you can learn what you need to know, when and where you need it. Each twelve-month subscription allows you to easily keep up with new features and leading practices. Content is added and updated regularly so you always have access to the latest courses and training materials for CA APM as well as other CA products.

    Subscriptions are available in two editions:


    Get Started:
    Unlimited access to rich, engaging content based on real-world use cases
    • videos
    • e-Learning courses
    Cost: $700/year per user


    Learn More:
    All the features of "Get Started" plus dynamic labs for hands-on experience and exclusive access to expert-led sessions
    • videos
    • e-Learning courses
    • Dynamic Labs
    • Expert Sessions
    Cost: $2,200/year per user


    See the full training playlists and learn more at ca.com/subscription