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  • 1.  MTP 10.0 questions...

    Posted Oct 16, 2015 12:48 PM

    Hi Jeff and Team,


    In my MTP views, I select Network--TCP tab--transaction time, I put in a filter of county* to list all of the counties that we track, I notice that in the "Bar Chart" or any other view,

    it only lists the first 10 and does not auto update, is there a way to increase the view from 10 to 50 and to also have it auto update like once a minute?




    Pat O'Connor

  • 2.  Re: MTP 10.0 questions...

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 20, 2015 09:14 AM

    Hi Patrick:

    You may want to post this question in the MTP Community as well.



    Hal German

  • 3.  Re: MTP 10.0 questions...

    Posted Oct 20, 2015 10:22 AM

    thanks for the Tip Hal!