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  • 1.  urlgroups with REST-style URLs AND verb/method

    Posted Mar 24, 2016 09:02 AM



    Following this link urlgroups with REST-style URLs I have some advices for my issue.

    But I have REST actions as follow :


    POST /user/<userid>



    DELETE /user/<userid>


    Each actions have the same URL pattern a different verb/method and all those actions have a different business case.


    I'd like to follow this action in APM Introscope, I tried URL Grouping : Configure URL Groups - CA Application Performance Management - 10.0 - CA Technologies Documentation

    but it is too light, there is not enough patterns.


    Any suggestion ?

  • 2.  Re: urlgroups with REST-style URLs AND verb/method

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 29, 2016 08:27 AM


      I asked internally for someone to respond several days back . Failing that, you may wish to open a case to pursue an answer


    Hal German