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  • 1.  Top 20 APM, ASM, Exec Insight KBs for May 2015

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 08, 2015 05:23 PM

    1. An Explanation of APM CE (CEM) Transaction Time Breakdown as shown in the Component Timing Diagram TEC603709


    This document explains what is being reported by the Component Timing Diagram particularly with the common question of gaps between the bars.


    2. APM .NET Agent 9.1.x/9.0.x produces "BadImageFormat Exception: Bad Token" message. TEC593254


    Description: After installing .NET agent 9.1.x/ 9.0.x version, if customer sees they are unable to hit their ASP.NET application page and if it breaks with the BadImageFormat Exception, here are the steps to resolve it.


    3. APM Cluster Performance Health Check  TEC604648



    The Perflog can reveal much about the health of the Collectors in a cluster. This article discusses the most easily diagnosed issues. For a complete analysis, CA Services should be engaged for a comprehensive health check.


    4. Script recorder unable to process HP LoadRunner VUGen trace files with the MOM or (TIM Collection Service EM) using secure web server port 8444. TEC1297765


    Script recorder unable to process HP LoadRunner VUGen trace files using the Enterprise Manager secure web server port 8444.


    5. Creating Frontends, Backends and App Map data for non J2EE applications TEC605137


    Non J2EE applications tend not to report Frontend and Backend metrics and may not populate the Application Triage map. This can be corrected with a number of custom directives.


    6. Why do I see "Unknown SQL" appearing in the Investigator? TEC616386


    This article discusses some potential causes and fixes when metrics or trace components report as "Unknown SQL" in the Investigator.


    7. Using unsupported characters in a Java class name produce "Invalid Class path" errors in the agent log. TEC614953


    Agent logs are filled with errors as the following:

    DATE/TIME [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] A problem occurred
    while attempting to Introscope-enable
    Invalid class file

    DATE/TIME [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] A problem occurred
    while attempting to Introscope-enable
    org/jboss/weld/security/Principal$-11111111$Proxy$_$$_Weld$Proxy$: Invalid
    class file

    8. What are the performance implications of placing an APM Cluster on one box for Production (colocation)? TEC1502115


    Often customers place all their EMs on one server. (Colocation) The APM Sizing and Performance Guide discusses these cases:

    1) Running multiple Collectors on a single computer.

    2) Running multiple MOMs on a single computer.

    3) Running a MOM with multiple collectors on a single computer.

    4) Colocation with the APM Database and some combination of above on a single computer.

    5) Colocation with an EEM and some combination of above on a single computer.

    What are the tradeoffs of doing this?

    9. A Guide to Solving Common Stats and Defects Aggregation Problems TEC610521


    This tech note is an expansion of Stats Aggregation Issue after Upgrading from 9.0.x to, by Michal Lehotsky. The original document discusses ways to detect if statistical aggregation is not working and how to correct it. This update adds the following new topics:

    •Definition of key terms
    •Common stats aggregation issues (bad rows, daily aggregation failure, others)
    •Common defect aggregation issues
    •Oracle update SQL statements
    •SQL statements for specific dates
    •Useful logs
    •Other things to check

    10. Cannot read /etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats/... [Errno 13] Permission denied TEC598181


    When trying to view the Tim packet Statistics or Timlog files, the browser is displaying an error indicating no permission to the file e.g.

    Cannot read /etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats1/2013-08-13.csv: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats1/2013-08-13.csv'

    Inspection of the file in the file system using 'ls -al' shows that the file permissions are:

      -rw-r----- 1 root root 25031 Aug 13 06:24 2013-08-13.csv

    11. How to set up JBoss 6 EAP with the Introscope Agent and see JMX metrics TEC606597


    Description: This article discusses how to set up the Introscope Agent with JBoss 6 EAP and see JMX metrics. Please note that instructions for JBoss 7 AS differ and are addressed in a separate Technical Document.


    12. INFO Message: introscope.agent.crossprocess.sequenceid.maxlimit set to default value of "32"" repeating in Agent Logs TEC598802


    This article will discuss a workaround to address a known issue in which the message: introscope.agent.crossprocess.sequenceid.maxlimit set to default value of "32"" is repeated in Agent Logs


    13. Information about com.wily.introscope.agent.simpleInstanceCounter.referenceTrackingLimit TEC547492


    This is information about the usage of the com.wily.introscope.agent.simpleInstanceCounter.referenceTrackingLimit, introduced in APM 9.0.5.

    Error message:

    When monitoring instance counts, the following error may occur:

    [WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] SimpleInstanceCounter: while tracking instances of type
    com.mycompany.myclass, too many instances are being tracked in a short interval. Clamp limit of 25000 has reached and tracking new instances will stop. To raise clamp limit, add property com.wily.introscope.agent.simpleInstanceCounter.referenceTrackingLimit


    Valid for both Java and .NET. Introscope agent 9.0.5 or higher.

    This information supercedes the APM Known Issues document for accuracy as property is incorrectly documented, and document does not state that this can be used with Java agent.

    14. Percentile calculations in APM CE (CEM) Analysis Graph Statistics Reports  TEC614675



    Provides more details on the percentile calculations in APM CE (CEM) Analysis Graph Statistics Reports. Of particular interest is the calculation for the 95th percentile.

    For example, the transaction time (seconds) for a set of 10 transactions is: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 10, 10. (Note that these transactions are sorted from fastest to slowest.)

    What does APM CE (CEM) show for the 95 percentile time? Will it be 10 seconds or a value doing some averaging?




    15. What is the difference between the files Agent.jar, AgentNoRedef.jar, AgentNoRetrans.jar, AgentNoRedefNoRetrans.jar? TEC604200


    What is the difference between the jar files:
    1. Agent.jar - canRedefine and canRetransform settings are both set to true
    2. AgentNoRedef.jar - canRedefine setting is set to false (no longer used)
    3. AgentNoRetrans.jar - canRetransform setting is set to false (no longer used)
    4. AgentNoRedefNoRetrans.jar - canRedefine and canRetransform settings are both set to false. With the introduction of the retransformation option in the IBM JVM 1.6 this jar was developed to address performance issues being experienced by some clients and replaces the AgentNoRedef.jar and AgentNoRetrans.jar

    16. .NET Agent OOM, High CPU - Checklist TEC596327


    Description: NA


    17. Agent not reporting instrumented data. TEC597756


    Autoprobe is shutting down and no probed metrics are showing up for Application, only GC Heap, CPU metrics, Host metrics getting reported.


    18. Aggregate metrics for SiteminderManager not showing up in the SiteminderManagerAgent ( Legacy KB ID WLY 2439 ) TEC534159


    Why don't I see any aggregate metrics (SiteMinder-Policy Server-<PSHost>-Operations:Errors Per Interval) appearing under the Siteminder manager Agent node in investigator? Also why aren't Metric Groupings defined in the Management Module for Siteminder manager showing any data?



    19. CA APM Technical Advisory: APM/Introscope 9.1.x Agent Transaction Structure Memory Leak TEC588643


    CA Technologies has identified a memory leak issue with CA APM/Introscope 9.1.x agents that can have an operational impact for our customers. This technical advisory describes the affected versions and platforms in more detail, and explains the workarounds or remediation actions that are recommended to prevent this issue from impacting your application environments


    20. CA Wily Technical Advisory: Native Memory Leak on IBM Java 1.6 when using -javaagent TEC576360



    CA Wily Technical Advisory: Native Memory Leak on IBM Java 1.6 when using -javaagent

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    another goodie by Hal. Thanks Hal, we always appreciate that you take the time to document for the community!