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  • 1.  Upgraded APM to 10.1

    Posted Nov 05, 2015 04:18 PM

    Trying to re-enable my TIM that's been upgraded to 10.1 and resides on a MTP in CEM. Every time I try to enable it I get and error in the MOM's log file. That it can't find a missing JAR file, error listed below.


    Has anyone ever seen this before?



    11/05/15 04:09:48.898 PM EST [WARN] [Thread-352] [Manager.com.timestock.tess.services.tim.TimIo] Cannot read jar file cem/tess/plugins/GenericSSO_Plugin.jar

    java.io.FileNotFoundException: cem/tess/plugins/GenericSSO_Plugin.jar (No such file or directory)

  • 2.  Re: Upgraded APM to 10.1
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 06, 2015 01:25 PM

    I had a customer ran into same situation. And it was caused by couple of plugins. Those plugins were not disabled prior to upgrade. So, after the upgrade, those were pointing to old path /etc/wily/cem/***. This was corrected by reloading the plugins to the new path on the MTP /opt/CA/APM/***.

    After this they were able to enable the TIMs.




  • 3.  Re: Upgraded APM to 10.1

    Posted Nov 06, 2015 01:32 PM

    Hi Jose,

    Yanna is correct however in this case you are seeing this error on the MOM side, so simplest solution would be to copy the required jar GenericSSO_Plugin.jar to <MOM_Home>/cem/tess/plugins folder and

    restart. Subsequently after TIM is enabled you can then go to the CEM UI > Plugins tab to disable this plugin if not needed to prevent this from happening in future.




  • 4.  Re: Upgraded APM to 10.1

    Posted Nov 06, 2015 02:00 PM

    Turns out that this is an enabled plug in that is under the CA CEM HTTP Analyzer. You can create a generic SSO plugin and one was created without the location of the JAR file. I could not just disable it, I had to delete it from CEM and that resolved my issue.


    This was not an upgrade this was a fresh install of APM 10.1