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Alert status no longer showing in Team Center why?

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  • 1.  Alert status no longer showing in Team Center why?

    Posted Feb 25, 2016 08:25 AM



    Alerts originally were showing in team center.  Now they are not.  We thought it might be network block on 5001 but we found the following

    TCP    172.xxxx.xx:5001     ntaxxxx2m00:50610    ESTABLISHED

    Showing that the server is connected to EM Collector via port 5001 and we know EM Collector is connected to Mom on 5001.  We have performance and apm agents on most servers version 9.1.7 agents.

    Any ideas?

  • 2.  Re: Alert status no longer showing in Team Center why?
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    Posted Feb 25, 2016 10:18 AM

    Working with CA support - we had old EMs version 9.1 we got new servers and installed new 10.1 EM.  We moved over the management modules, and appear to have moved some required .jar files into a backup folder ManagementModule_Bu which now associated the .jar files as backup.  We were trying to trim unknown .jar files and might have eliminated some that are required.


    Working now to get a list of "required .jar files" that need to remain in management module.


    Went to a virgin install of APM 10.1 Management Modules and they are:



    Question remains which ones do I need (mandatory) and which ones of the default install can we remove without issue?





    Here are the mandatory ones as per CA tech support:


    06/22/2015  10:59 PM            95,967 SampleManagementModule.jar
    06/22/2015  10:56 PM            32,680 SPM_ManagementModule.jar
    06/12/2015  01:46 PM             9,057 Supportability.jar
    06/22/2015  10:49 PM             2,219 TradeService.jar
    06/22/2015  10:51 PM             1,762 TriageMapConfigurationsManagementModule.jar