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Is RHEL 6.6 compatible for APM

  • 1.  Is RHEL 6.6 compatible for APM

    Posted 02-09-2016 04:06 AM

    My team is planning to upgrade Linux OS version to 6.6 . And, we're using APM version Can someone please suggest whether RHEL6.6 will be compatible with APM

  • 2.  Re: Is RHEL 6.6 compatible for APM

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-09-2016 09:24 AM



    I am looking at these two sources






    And see EM is compatiable with RHEL 6.6



    Operating SystemJVMHardwareJVM mode / Chipset
    32-bit or 64-bit
    Notes / Issues
    Red Hat Linux 4.0, 4.4, 5.x, 6.x (6.1, 6.2, 6.4, 6.5,6.6)Sun 1.6.x, Jrockit 1.6.xx86, AMD64, x64, Itanium32-bit / 32-bitSupported on VMWare ESX 3.5, 4.x, ESXI-5.1, ESXI-5.5



    Please let us know if there are followup questions

    Hal German

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    Posted 02-15-2016 07:23 PM

    The TIM is not compatible. The installer does not work right. Even in 10.0 (the last version I have installed) the installer would not work correctly and I had to muck around to make it work...my muck solution was OK with support and there did not seem much hurry to get it working without mucking.,.I do not know about 10.1.



  • 4.  Re: Is RHEL 6.6 compatible for APM

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-15-2016 07:37 PM

    Hi Steve,

    Yes correct.

    • 9.5.x TIM is still using the kickstart OS we provide and & cannot be installed on Linux (RHEL/CentOS) 6.x
    • For 9.6+ customer has to provide the Linux OS.
    • For TIM 10.0 & 10.1 install steps both require the supported workaround to temporarily change the /etc/redhat-release file for any OS above 6.5 e.g. if the file states 6.6 it needs to be changed to 6.5, install tim & then revert back to 6.6. The 10.1 CG has a similar statement at the bottom of the "APM Components" sheet. The 10.0 CG does not but it should also have it.

    CA Application Performance Management Compatibility Guides - CA Technologies






  • 5.  Re: Is RHEL 6.6 compatible for APM

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-16-2016 08:07 AM

    Dear Steve:

       Let us know if Lynn's answers are helpful or if there are questions to answer



    Hal German