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CA Tuesday Tips: APM 9.6 TIM for the MTP Appliance (CA ADA Multi-Port Monitor)

  • 1.  CA Tuesday Tips: APM 9.6 TIM for the MTP Appliance (CA ADA Multi-Port Monitor)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 06, 2014 01:49 AM

    Some key points for the installation of the new 9.6 TIM for the MTP Appliance.



    • The TIM for MTP version continues to be installed via the MTP Web interface under System Setup -> Install Software (in contrast to the 9.6 standard TIM which is now shipped as an executable installer with RPM)


    • On Support Online -> Download Center -> Products the 9.6 TIM for MTP software is now available with the rest of CA APM under

    "CA Application Performance Management - MULTI-PLATFORM" (earlier versions are via “CA Application Delivery Analysis Multi-Port Monitor *”)



    • The GEN06084119E.tar file contains 3 images which should be installed in the following order
      • machine-settings-mtp-Linux-el5-x64-
      • tim-mtp-requisites-Linux-el5-x64-
      • tim-mtp-Linux-el5-x64-        

    • If performing a TIM upgrade from a TIM soft appliance (pre-9.6)
      • From a Linux shell take a backup of the entire config directory of the existing TIM installation under /etc/wily/cem/tim (/usr/local/wily/cem/tim)
      • Install the 3 image files for the new 9.6 TIM. The install process will remove the existing TIM installation directory and the new version will be installed into directory /opt/CA/APM/tim.
      • From the TIM Setup page (System Setup -> "Tim build ...") stop the TIM
      • From a Linux shell cd to /opt/CA/APM/tim and restore the config directory backup, overriding any existing files with the same name
      • From the TIM Setup page start the TIM


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