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New Tech Doc: APM CE Versions

  • 1.  New Tech Doc: APM CE Versions

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 02, 2014 08:21 AM

    This is an update of a document I created some time back. Comments and Suggested Changes are welcome


    The PDF can be found here



    Unofficial List of APM CE (CEM) Releases and Functionality


    .v02 12/2/2014


    Hallett German


    Principal Support Engineer


    CA Technologies, Inc.


    1. Hallett.German@ca.com






    Table of Contents




    1. Introduction
    2. Guiding Principles
    3. Document Versions
    4. CEM Releases and Major Functionality
    5. Etcetera










    This document is an unofficial list of APM CE major releases and the associated new functionality. Once knowing the release, then one can find the corresponding release note explaining the new functionality.




    This is intended to be a living document and will be updated as time allows. Suggestions and corrections are always welcomed.




    Guiding Principles


    1. An attempt was made to include Wily & CA Technologies CEM/APM CE major releases. However information on earlier releases was hard to find.

    2. Not all features for each release are included. Please check the appropriate release notes for more details
    3. Bug fixes are not included below.


      Document Versions

      .01 10-18-10   Updated to CEM 5.0/APM 9.0

      .02 12-02-14   Updated to APM 9.6


      APM CE/CEM Releases and Functionality




    Major Functionality

    Release Date

    1. 1.x



    1. 2.0



    1. 2.1

    Business Transactions, NA


    1. 2.2

    SiteMinder Plugin, Transaction Inspection,


    1. 2.3

    SLA Reports, Data Retention, User Group by IP Address, Business Value Reports


    1. 2.4

    Defect Search, Baselines


    1. 3.0

    Timezone, Wily Branding, All-in-One or TESS on Linux


    1. 3.1

    Jasper Reports, TIM Re-design, Email setup page


    1. 3.1.1

    NTLM & Basic Authentication, PDF Reports, Tim Recorder filter by language, User filter in defect list, SSL Decode page


    1. 3.2

    CEM Audit Trail. Scheduled and PDF Reports, Wildcard Search of Users, TIM/TESS using HTTPS, CEM Licensing, CEM Roles for Authentication, Move Business Transaction Across Process, Bulk Edits/Updates


    1. 3.3

    CEM Dashboards, CEM Event Handling Improvements, Siebel (SARM) user information, Database Backup/Restore, System Time, Configuration Import/Export, Configuration Administrator, Historical Reporting


    1. 3.3.1

    Upgrade to Linux 4 Update 4, Daylight Saving Time Support.

    January 2007

    1. 4.0

    CA-like interface, Incident Generating and Aging Rules, SmartCharts, HTTP Response Body, XML User/Session Identifier Support, User Group Identifier by Request Attribute, CEM Export Tool & SDK, WTG Integration, Service Desk Integration, Session timeout Per Application, Multiple Applications Per Single User, Regular Expression Support for Transaction matching Rules, Export and Schedule Analysis Graphs

    June 2007

    1. 4.0 P2

    Interim Session Mapping

    August 2007

    1. 4.0 Q4

    Handle XML regardless of content type

    August 2007

    1. 4.0 Q6

    Restart TESS automatically if not started.

    November 2007

    1. 4.1

    Business transaction import/export, Defect Storm protection,

    WTG Integration to create business transaction,, Unicenter NSM integration, License compliance and session usage reports, CEM incident analyst role, CEM Export Tool Update, Create user Group By IP Subnet

    April 2008

    1. 4.2

    IPv6 Support, FIPS Support, CMDB Integration, Parameter Name Wildcards

    August 2008

    1. 4.2.2

    RTTM Support

    January 2009

    1. 4.5

    TESS Database and Performance Improvements,, RTTM Dashboards, HTTP Analyzer Plugins, Transaction Component Times, CEM Health Monitoring, Event manager Emails on Alerts, Services Dashboard, Transaction Definition Administration, View Changes Since Last Synchronization, High Impact IP Subnet, Path Parameter, HTTP Response Header Parameter, Test Email button, Defect storm protection enabled, SiteMinder Distinguished Name, Correlational SLA by Business Process, Request bodies displayed

    July 2009

    1. 4.5.2

    Performance and SLA Metrics by IP Subnet, transaction response time graphs, User Group Data Retention

    October 2009

    1. 4.5.4

    Improved Export Tool. Filter Defect by Client IP

    January 2010

    1. 4.5.5

    nCipher Support, OR condition for Client and Session Identifier

    March 2010

    1. 4.5.6

    Bug fix and ability to record additional content types

    June 2010

    1. 5.0/APM 9

    Last CEM Release. Now part of APM. TESS split to TIM Collector and MOM. Stats Aggregation/Database Cleanup can be assigned to EM Collectors. TIM becomes software only, Language support extended

    July 2010

    1. 9.0.5

    Postgres on Solaris. Oracle Support. Expand Export Tool/Web services API.

    September 2010

    1. 9.0.6

    Postgres install root/non-root and 8.4 Support. Browser Support for IE 8/9.

    January 2011

    1. 9.07

    Support for APM Database on Suse Linux, RTTM Metrics Documented

    July 2011

    1. 9.0.8

    Support for Multi-Homed IP addresses for Tim Collection Service. Toleration of Diffie-Hellman Cipher suites.

    March 2012

    1. 9.1

    Enhanced display of APM CE metrics for Appmap.

    Integration with APM Infrastructure management. Apm-events-thresholds-config.xml file for APM CE Clamping. Export Data Tab (Flex Reports.) Can select Content types for Recording Sessions. Accessibility (VPAT) Support. Response-Based transaction definition.

    December 2011


    Transaction Tracing for Non-Identifying Components, WTG 5 Available.

    Feb 2012

    1. 9.1.1

    APM CE Views in APM Performance Center. Protection for TIM Web Pages. Support for 5.x SiteMinder API.

    September 2012

    1. 9.1.2

    Multi-Homed Address for TCS on Windows. Security Masking for Request Headers. Script to upload SSL Keys. Reduce Log Messages in INFO mode. Erase TIM Logs option.

    December 2012

    1. 9.6

    TIM as Software (No OS. No rpm installer). Ability to run private copy of Apache for TIM.

    July 2014










    Credits & Acknowledgements


    Thanks to Keri Meredith for providing pointers to the release notes. And to Anthony Woods and Joerg Mertin for making suggestions.




    Unknown, CA Wily Master Patch List (KB 498)






    Release Notes for all of the releases mentioned above.