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CA Tuesday Tip: Use CA Remote Engineer to Gather Diagnostic Files for APM Products

  • 1.  CA Tuesday Tip: Use CA Remote Engineer to Gather Diagnostic Files for APM Products

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 07, 2014 09:33 AM

    CA Remote Engineer is a tool provided by CA to automate the collection of diagnostic data for the APM and other CA products.


    Goal and Purpose:

    - Provide a common tool used for all CA products thus providing consistency for customers

    - Prevent delays for your incidents resolution and improve your satisfaction by avoiding:

         a) Multiple requests for you to gather necessary logs and information

         b) confusion when gathering diagnostic files for different products


    How do I obtain, configure, and run CA Remote Engineer for APM?
    1. Go to http://remoteengineer.ca.com.
    2. Download either the Windows or UNIX version.
    3. Copy the CA_RemoteEngineer.zip / tar.gz to the servers that host the products you would like to diagnose.
    4. Unzip the file to a proper location on that server and go to the newly created “RemoteEngineer” directory.
    5. Open the file RemoteEngineer\scripts\APM.properties and enter the products’ home directories and files locations as you need and as indicated on each product section.

    Below an exaple if you need to gather diagnostic files for the Enterprise Manager:


    # Enterprise Manager / Webview
    # ================
    # Enter the Enterprise Manager home path as below, ensure the line is uncommented.

    managerhome C:\Program Files\CA APM\Introscope9.5.1.0


    6. Execute the Remote Engineer script as follows:


    Option 1) If you need to attach the generated archive to a support incident:

      <Remote Engineer HOME >\re.cmd

    <Remote Engineer HOME >\re.sh

    Option 2) If you need to generate the archive only and do not want any prompting:

      <Remote Engineer HOME >\scripts\apmstartup.cmd

    <Remote Engineer HOME >\scripts\apmstartup.sh


    CA RemoteEngineer will collect all diagnostic files and include the collected diagnostic data in a new file named: <servername>_CA_RE.zip
    The file will be kept in your Remote Engineer Home Directory.


    What information does CA Remote Engineer gather?
    see <RemoteEngineer package>/scripts/apm.txt


    Important reminders:
    • CA Remote Engineer for APM is not intended to fix a problem.
    • We encourage you to use CA Remote Engineer whenever possible before opening a support incident.


    Note: For more information, see our CA Remote Engineer community page and follow us for latest news and updates.