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APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles for October 2014

  • 1.  APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles for October 2014

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 07, 2014 10:11 AM

    APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles for October 2014


    1.  Bash Code Injection aka "Shellshock" and CEM TIM and TIMSoft TEC618037
        The CEM Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM) is a passive network probe that collects business transaction information on    
        HTTP/HTTPS traffic through a network span or tap. The CEM TIM is a C++ based application that runs on specific versions of the
        Linux operating system and does not use the Bash shell for any of its operational functions, however prior to version 9.6, the
        TIM installation script does use the bash shell.

        It has been recently disclosed by industry experts that most versions of Unix, Linux, OSX and other variants are susceptible to
        a security issue that allows the execution of bash code injection. This is being referred to in the media as "Shellshock".

    2.  APM Cluster Performance Health Check TEC604648
        The Perflog can reveal much about the health of the Collectors in a cluster. This article discusses the most easily diagnosed
        issues. For a complete analysis, CA Services should be engaged for a comprehensive health check.

    3.  Explaining and Addressing an Agent Reaching Transaction Trace Component 
        Limit  TEC597757
        This article will discuss the causes and how to address "[WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.WilyTransactionStructure]Transaction trace
        component limit of 5000 reached, recording of any new components will cease for this transaction."

    4.  The RTTM Service will not start. Instead, it appears to be stuck and the
        Status is "IN PROGRESS". What should I do to get the Service started? TEC596475
        The RTTM service in APM can get stuck and display in the APM CEM GUI that the status of the service is "In Progress". This   
        status persists across restarts of the Enterprise Manager, and the Start and Stop buttons are not available to click.

        Using a database tool (such as pgadmin III or SQL*Plus), access the APM Database, and open the table
        "ts_monitor_child_service". Look for the item where the column "ts_child_service_id" is "7", and check the value of the column
        "ts_started" - it will have a value of "2". If the issue persists, contact CA Technologies APM Technical Support for next
        steps. This could include an upgrade to a later release where certain causes of this condition have been eliminated.


    5.  An Explanation of APM CE (CEM) Transaction Time Breakdown as shown in the Component Timing Diagram TEC603709
        This document explains what is being reported by the Component Timing Diagram particularly with the common question of gaps
        between the bars.

    6.  APM Webview 4001 Silverlight error - BMP images used instead of PNG in dashboards causing distorted colors and screen TEC596040
        Webview corruption - colors and screen are distorted. A 4001 Silverlight error is seen.

    7.  After enabling SSL tracing, the Tim log is filled with Unsupported Ciphersuite warnings. Should I be concerned? TEC596473
        The following warnings are coming up on the TIM log after enabling SSL tracing.

        Warning: sslprint: Unsupported CipherSuite - 57 (TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA)
        Warning: sslinterface: network_process_packet: error 10 (unsupported ciphersuite), conn 11745060, packet 187519287,    
        [<IPAddress>]:20843->[<IPAddress>]:2221; ignoring further data

        Please explain what could be the possible reason for these warning messages..


    8.  What does the Component Timings Area of a CEM Report show? TEC596047
        This gives a high-level overview on the Component Timings Area of the Defect including sections and report function.

    9.  Approaches to Use for Three common APM CE Situations - Not Seeing Enough Defects, Response Time Too Low/High, Not Seeing All

        Components TEC598247
        Three common APM CE questions can result in cases that require some investigation. Here is the approach that is used to resolve
         these questions:

        Why is the transaction defect count too low?
        Why is the transaction response time too low/high? (Especially against another third-party monitoring tool)
        Why do I not see all the components in a defect?


    10. Duplicate or tardy metric value reported TEC595225

        The EMService.log contain many messages "Duplicate or tardy metric value reported", for example:-

        |WebSphereMQ|Connector|mqseries_tst|mqsnttst|Queues|SERVICES.RESPONSE|Get:Concurrent Invocations (time=87239764/last closed  
        timeslice=87239764); ignoring.

        |WebSphereMQ|Connector|mqseries_tst|*CA|Operations|Close:Concurrent Invocations (time=87298547/last closed timeslice=87298547);  

        The messages are reported against only those agents enabling the MQ metrics, and all such MQ metrics are aggregated ones
        (calculated inside of the MQAgent).

    11. How to avoid a "database inaccessible" error? TEC601074

        How is it possible to avoid an error like

        "10/11/13 09:41:03.742 AM EDT [WARN] [CheckDatabase.Thread1]
        [Manager.com.timestock.tess.util.DbUtils] database inaccessible; will check later"

        which also includes a FATAL: password authentication failed for user "admin" message?

    12. How to gather diagnostic files for APM products using CA Remote Engineer? TEC617156
        How to gather diagnostic files for APM products using CA Remote Engineer?


    13. How to save MTP pcap files without stopping the MTP process TEC598395
        MTP creates packet capture (pcap) files on the ramdisk, nqtmp/tim. However, unless the process is stopped, the pcap files are  
        moved elsewhere within milliseconds. Is there a way to save a pcap file without stopping the process?


    14. Seven Mysteries of TIM Communications TEC618283
        This is based on the late Andrew Fluegelman's talk, the Seven Mysteries of Telecommunications. This article takes those 
        original mysteries and retrofits them for TIM Communication. Going through these questions will help in debugging problems.  
        This applies to MTP and TIM.


    15. Smartstortools Help TEC609741
        Description: Best practices and examples for Smartstortools usage.


    16. Stopping the Autoprobe log from expanding or getting excessively large. TEC617255
        A JVM's use of dynamically created classes, typically with a $ in the class name, can cause the Autoprobe log to grow
        excessively large. The logs are filled up with repeating class names :

        Processing class com/package/class$name1
        Processing class com/package/class$name2
        Processing class com/package/class$name3
        Processing class com/package/class$name4
        Processing class com/package/class$name5
        Processing class com/package/class$name1
        Processing class com/package/class$name2
        Processing class com/package/class$name3
        Processing class com/package/class$name4
        Processing class com/package/class$name5

        The above is a simplified example. However, typically part of the class or package name could be made up of random characters.

    17. Upgrading TIM Software Packages on MTP enabled TIM TEC617529
        While upgrading TIM Software on MTP, fails with a message similar to following:

        Error: No update script found in /tmp/upgrade/GEN######E_TIM_3rd_party_update_files_9xx.image. Exiting.

    18. Using Web Start Workstation with Java 7 u51 (Java7u51, Java 1.7.0_51-b13) TEC606706
        A Technical Advisory has been issued to address problems starting the APM Web Start Workstation. The Advisory allows users to
        run the Web Start workstation with Java 7 u45, but does not work with Java 7 u51. This article updates the Advisory to allow
        users to run the Web Start workstation with the enhanced security present in Java 7 u51 and above by taking the additional step
        of reducing the Security Level from High to Medium.


    19. What is APM Application Behavior Analytics (ABA) and how to obtain it? TEC612655
        Description: This is a short summary of the ABA software and the APM releases where it is available.


    20. .NET Agent Instrumentation of Com Objects TEC601704

        Can the .NET Agent be instrumented to see Com objects?