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Alert downtime scheduler automation

  • 1.  Alert downtime scheduler automation

    Posted 07-31-2014 01:59 AM

    Does APM web services has any mechanism to automate alert downtime scheduler or is there a way to do it. We have maintenance's very often on various applications and manually setting downtime is tedious. It would be easy to  have a single location to schedule alert downtime for various applications. Any advice is appreciated.

  • 2.  Re: Alert downtime scheduler automation

    Posted 07-31-2014 01:19 PM


    EM Webservices API doesn't have any such functionality but have you looked into the possibility of using CLW (Command Line Workstation) ?

    It supports querying\enabling\disabling Alert Downtime Schedules and since it's command based you can easily create a batch\shell to run and use cron job to automate it's execution.

    For further details refer to APM Configuration Administration Guide- Using Command-Line Workstation Section.




  • 3.  Re: Alert downtime scheduler automation

    Posted 08-01-2014 12:11 AM

    Thanks Kulbir. I also wanted to find if there is a mechanism to find if any of the cloud monitoring alerts are disabled.