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  • 1.  APM + IM 2.0 Integration

    Posted Mar 13, 2013 10:44 AM

    is there anybody here in the community who integrated APM with IM 2.0 already ?

    I am interested in the quality of the delivered data by APM and what metrics are available in CA PC.

    Thanks & Greetings,


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    Posted Mar 13, 2013 01:35 PM
    Hi Benjamin,

    In addition to the infrastructure data you get from CA PC, the integration lets you see the health statuses of applications and business services on CA PC. From those dashboards, you can drill down to defects and more detailed metrics such as the following business transaction component metrics:
    [*]Average Response Time
    [*]Responses Per Interval
    [*]Concurrent Invocations
    [*]Errors Per Interval
    [*]Stall count

    The following customer experience metrics are also available on CA PC:
    [*]Average Response Time
    [*]Total Defects Per Interval
    [*]Total Transactions Per Interval

    For the selected incident, you can see the last ten defects and the following related metrics:
    [*]Defect ID and name
    [*]Associated business services
    [*]Associated business transaction
    [*]Date and time of the defect
    [*]The baseline value at which, if greater than or equal to, CA APM considers the transaction defective
    [*]Business impact
    [*]Login name of the associated end user for the defect
    [*]Name of the affected user group for the defect
    [*]Client IP address of the end user affected by the defect. This IP address is a link from which you can click to get more detailed info about the client.
    [*]IP address of the requesting web server associated with the defect. This IP address is a link from which you can click to get more detailed info about the web server.
    [*]hardware address of the network card for the server associated with the defect

    Then if you integrate APM with the Multi-Port Monitor, you can see high-level network performance information related to the application being monitored from the CEM console.

    Hope this info help.


  • 3.  RE: APM + IM 2.0 Integration

    Posted Mar 15, 2013 04:40 AM
    Hi Diana,

    thank you for the great feedback. I appreaciate it!